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Does tanning indoors have the same effect as tanning outdoors?
Yes. The advantage to indoor tanning is “control.” You always know what you’re getting from an individual tanning session. It is very precise, calculated, controlled exposure designed to give you a cosmetically pleasing tan without burning your skin. When a customer goes outdoors, he/she places himself in an uncontrolled environment. They don’t know how much they are getting and frequently tanning outdoors results in sunburn.

Are there really parts of my body that can not tan?

Yes there are 6 parts of the human body that do not tan. They are the eye lids, Lips, Nipples, palm of the hands, bottom of the feet, and the penis.

How do I prevent “raccoon eyes?”

Adjusting the protective eye-wear occasionally during a tanning session will help to minimize this condition. The adjustment can be performed by gently sliding the eye-wear to a new position. You should never lift the eyewear off of your eyes to adjust their position

Can I wear my contact lenses while tanning?

Because tanning naturally draws moisture from the body, eyes are sometimes inconvenienced with contacts that lose moisture too. Even with protective eye-wear, eyes can dry out a little. If somebody is going to tan with their contacts in, it is recommended that they use moisturizing drops prior to or just after the tanning session to prevent any temporary discomfort.

Is it okay for pregnant women to tan indoors?

One concern about pregnant women tanning is the heat. Remember
that the temperature around the baby remains relatively constant at 98.6 degrees, so the baby can take a little heat, but the same amounts of heat that would cause anyone to be uncomfortable (e.g. sauna, hot tub, hot sun during the summer) will also make the baby uncomfortable. It is suggested that if pregnant, you tan during the morning hours and with a doctor’s permission.

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tanning salon nj

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